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Most of our Candidates are working all over GCC Countries and Poland. We have done recruiting and we have experience and knowledge of formalities to below given Countries.

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Who we are & What we provide?

We I M R – Indian Man Power Resource, is an International Manpower recruitment company in Kerala, India. We are a startup firm with a huge amount of data bank and contacts all over India. We are registered under The Ministry of External Affairs of Indian Government with the Registration Number: B-1157/KER/PART/100/5/9681/2020.



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Kind Of Staffs that we provide

In the last 20 years of our working experience, thousands of candidates are recruited and working in various countries. In these period we we have successfully cleared the problems that arises, like the issues related to companies, attitude of candiates, overseas death, pending salary etc.

We are issued the license to recruit overseas directly and we realize that we could get license with the blessings of God and the trust of our recruited candidates.

We can recruit any kind of staff as per company’s requirements . We are currently dealing with all categories like doctors to unskilled laborers. We have recruited to all kinds of industries in the past few years.

Our Journey To Commencement.

Mr. Shinoy Joseph is the founding partner and director of the international recruitment division of our company. He had been working in the domain of international recruitment since 2000 as a candidate sourcing staff.

This 20 years of experience with candidates has enriched and updated him about the market of candidates. And we had been approached by many recruitment companies to conduct successful interviews. We would like to create and establish our brand name in the international recruitment sector by providing quality and solid service.

Quality Workforce

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Why India ?

India has the second largest population in the world. India asserts unity and diversity with its assorted culture & languages in the various states. India floods with human resources. India has young educated people unemployed. We search for the apt & educated persons who are suitable to work for your company with affordable salaries.